October 15, 2016


The October 15, 2016 Ultimate Challenge Mud Run has been POSTPONED until spring 2017. ALL CURRENT REGISTRATION WILL BE TRANSFERRED TO THE SPRING 2017 DATE. We have been out at The Leatherneck all day to survey the damage done from Hurricane Matthew; Calhoun County was hit pretty hard. There are trees down all along the course and some down on obstacles which is threatening the strength and integrity to some of our big obstacles. Due to the damage Hurricane Matthew caused the week before the run and with a State of Emergency declared in South Carolina the equipment we have had on hold for months is no longer available, as state emergency officials are first priority.  With all of these obstacles there is no possible way for us to fully complete the clean up, repair, and prep the course before the October 15th event. The postponement of the race is for the safety of our runners, the individuals that help set up the event, and the land owner’s property, as well as the safety and clean up for everyone that Hurricane Matthew affected.

We are working with the land owners now to figure out a spring date; once we have the spring date set we will inform everyone.  
Again, we are sorry that we have to postpone the event so close to the actual event date. We had no idea that the damage would be this extensive. Keep an eye out for an email in the next week or so with the rescheduled event date. 

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Kendall Long. 
Thank you for your understanding, we will see everyone in the spring. 
Kendall Long

Stay tuned for the Spring 2017 date!!

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Adjust, Adapt and Overcome

The reason we continue to host the Ultimate Challenge now as it has always been is to honor the sacrifices of our Marines and Veterans and do our part by donating all proceeds from our events to charities.

The Ultimate Challenge MudRun donates  to charities such as Operation Enduring Warrior, local High School ROTC Programs, CVMA, and The Columbia Reserve Support Organization.

We do not accept individual enlistments, only teams!

Established in 1993, the "Legendary" Ultimate Challenge Mud Run is a 501c (3) non- profit organization that has grown to attract enlistee's from across the United States, Canada and around the world.

Don't be fooled by "MudRun" in our name, this is no 5k with a couple of mud holes and a few cheesy obstacles. We are now and always have been a Obstacle Race, designed and built by a Former Marine DI, with 36 military style obstacles spread over 6.2 miles, with Marines to "motivate" your team at each one.

Blood Clots...Bones Heal...Sweat Dries...
Pride is FOREVER!

No empty promises, you will sweat, you will probably bleed, and yes, you might break some bones. Somewhere on the Leatherneck you will find the point where you think you can't go any further and you will push on. If you conquer the course, your team's sense of accomplishment and pride will be with you forever!

What to expect from the Leatherneck

You will be challenged both physically and mentally. You will crawl through mud, water, and over obstacles just like our veterans do in training. Our obstacles are built with the same materials and techniques as used in military training courses around the world.

Think you have what it takes... THINK you can face the Ultimate Challenge?

Well, what are you waiting for?

Prove it!


Thank you for your support of the Ultimate Challenge Mud Run!