Ultimate Challenge MudRun Rules

My course has many hazards to include: water/mud holes, hills, uneven terrain, animals, insects, and obstacles over 15 feet high. While running my course safety is paramount. I recommend you warm up and stretch. Hydrate prior to, during and after you run on my course. Prepare yourself mentally for the Ultimate Challenge, your mission is to complete my course safely.

1. My Race officials have final say on all aspects of the race especially Safety.

2. All Teams will start and finish together, as a team.

3. All team members will be a minimum age of 14 and a minimum of one adult over the age of 18 per team.

4. Every team must maneuver through each of my obstacles properly to be qualified for competition.

5. Team members may assist each other across all obstacles. The team member assisting must have properly completed my obstacle prior to assisting their team mates.

6. No hostile contact with other teams will be tolerated.

7. No interference with other teams navigation over or through my obstacles.

8. No objects can be carried or picked up along the course to assist in crossing obstacles.

9. Each team must designate a captain. Team captains will ensure all team mates have assigned race numbers on and is visible throughout the race.

10. Teams will observe all safety requirements while attempting to complete my course.

1. Penalties will be clearly marked at each of my obstacles and will vary.

2. Your Penalty will be accessed at the obstacle by my Marines through incentive training for your lack of properly preparing to complete my obstacle.

3. Exercises may include pushups, lunges, or any other exercise my Marines decide.

4. Do not ask my Marines "how many", you will do all of them.

5. Any team that fails to make an honest attempt to complete any obstacle on my course will be assessed a 15 minute penalty added to their final time.

6. Any team that fails to complete an obstacle and refuses to do their incentive training for that obstacle will be disqualified and will receive a ”DNF” as their official time.

7. Penalties are the sole decision of my Marine supervising that obstacle.


1. Do not grab my stakes.

2. Do not grab my tape, which marks my course.

3. Get out of the way of my faster teams. You should have prepared yourself for my course.

4. If you cannot do my obstacle accept the penalty, nothing is worth getting hurt over, You should have prepared yourself for my course.

5. Follow all signs, marking and directions given by my Marines and staff while on my course. If my Marine tells you to stop negotiating my obstacle then stop. Any instances of disregarding or arguing with my Marines, will result in your disqualification and being barred from participating in the future.

6. Leave all jewelry at home, rings can cause "degloving" of fingers.

7. Wearing of contact lenses is forbidden on my course. There are companies that make specific eyewear for the conditions you will encounter.

8. Leave my wildlife alone, they may hurt you.

9. THINK Safety and Good Luck!

Your family and friends are welcome at no charge to my course. The majority of my course is open for them. They will follow some basic rules on my course.

1. No interference with any teams navigation of the course or over or through my obstacles.

2. They will not negotiate, climb, or place their body in any way on any of my obstacles.

3. Any pets will be on a leash and under the control of an adult.

4. You will clean up any debris left by your pet.

5. No outside coolers are to be brought in to the event.

6. No tailgating in the Parking Lot.

7. Spectators will not have access to the Start/Finish line area.

Blood Clots, Bones Heal, Sweat Dries...PRIDE is FOREVER!